Matt Walker

Entrepreneur and Business Owner in Kansas City, Kansas

About Matt Walker

Matt Walker, based in Kansas City, Kansas, is an experienced entrepreneur and the CEO/Owner of Absolute Retirement Solutions. Throughout his career, he has built and sold a number of successful retirement services companies. His 16 years of experience in the industry have culminated in a thriving business, as well as the development of a client management system.

Matt began his career at Legacy Financial Group as an Advisor and Manager. There, he learned the basics of a career in financial advising, as well as how to lead a group of retirement professionals. In 2009, after 5 years with the company, he decided to venture out on his own. 

Matt Walker has always loved the idea of controlling your own financial destiny—a concept he employs in his own life and strives to pass on to his clients. Entrepreneurship offered him the chance to do so. As a financial professional and a business owner, Matt thrives on the ability to help others grow. Whether he is providing rewarding careers to his employees or helping his clients achieve financial independence through retirement and insurance solutions, Matt’s priority is to do work that benefits the lives of the people around him. 

One of the many ways Matt helps people is through mentoring new financial professionals. To date, he has worked with producers all around the country and has been a mentor on numerous industry agencies. Matt firmly believes that entrepreneurship comes down to one’s ability to identify smart risks to take. To him, risks should only be taken in the areas of a business in which you can control. He works to teach those he mentors the process behind building a successful business and the importance of having an exit strategy—a concept he also employs in financial services. 

Matt Walker’s most recent business venture is the creation of a client management system. As a business owner, he became frustrated with the software that was available to him. To make it more effective, he asked a coder to redesign it with financial professionals in mind. Though initially the software was designed for use in his office only, it got noticed by others and Matt realized how useful it might be to the industry as a whole. 

To Matt, that is what entrepreneurship is all about: recognizing a gap in the market and finding a solution to fill it. As the financial industry adapts to the technologically-focused era, he hopes that his software will help smaller firms keep up with the changing demands of the market. The client management software will also provide sales scripts, marketing materials, and will work to fill gaps in producer training. 

For more information on Matt Walker and his views on entrepreneurship, be sure to visit his blog.