Finding the perfect candidate for your job vacancy can be a challenging process. You may have a clear idea about what type of person you want for the job, but it becomes more challenging to describe what the job entails.


6 Tips for Writing Job Descriptions to Attract Talented Applicants

  1. Tailor it to the preferred candidate
    To attract several candidates, you may want to create a description with several generic terms. However, this can mean that you don’t find someone perfect for the job. Tailoring the job’s requirements to the kind of person you want for your vacancy can benefit your recruitment campaign.


  1. Include information about the company culture
    Applicants are influenced by company culture. If you write about how friendly and approachable your staff is or how much fun they have at work, it will attract candidates who fit those profiles.


  1. Focus on talent
    The best way to showcase the talent of your employees is to speak about the skills and talents that they have. One should highlight the combination of their knowledge, experience, and personality.


  1. Focus on the work you want them to do
    The work involved in your job vacancy shouldn’t be overshadowed by generalities such as ‘complete projects’ or ‘handle customers’ queries’; this will only gain responses from the candidates interested in those sorts of things.


  1. Use specific examples
    Instead of using generic terms such as handle customers’ queries, you could use an example from when you hired someone who went by this description. It will allow you to demonstrate that you made a good choice about that person and why you should hire them for your vacancy.


  1. Describe what it is like to work for the company/department
    You can also write about why you think someone would want to work for your company or department. Is it a growing business? A fun place to work? Or perhaps you have some unique qualities that make your work stand out from others. Although not everyone will use the same approach, having this information in your job description will help attract candidates who are more likely to suit you and your needs.


If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to find a way of describing your vacancy that will appeal to those interested in what your company has to offer. Tailor your job description, so it’s relevant and attractive, and don’t be afraid to use colorful examples that demonstrate how great you are at what you do.