Nearly two-thirds of American workers experience burnout on the job; this is only part of the bigger employee burnout crisis facing many organizations. Though it may seem that burnout is just part of the job for many workers, there is a significant organizational cost in terms of lost productivity and employee retention. For employees, burnout can manifest as constant exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, and a decrease in passion for work and life. Even if burned-out employees stay, they have 13% lower confidence in their performance, according to a poll by Gallup. Ultimately, burnout can lead to a decrease in individual and, subsequently, organizational performance. 

The main factors contributing to burnout have more to do with how people are managed than expectations for high performance. Fortunately, however, burnout is both preventable and manageable when addressed early. Here are a few tips from successful entrepreneurs on how to remain balanced while busy. 

Hire a talented team and treat them well 

Trust plays a key role in determining how well your employees perform. When you hire your team, you’ve already made sure that they’re good at what they do, so let them do it. Good management can make a huge difference in making your workplace a happy and productive one. Treat mistakes as learning opportunities and not the end of the world, and when giving feedback, it’s respectful to do that privately instead of in front of the group. Jay Leno took this approach when he hosted “The Tonight Show” by staying open and valuing his employees’ work-life balance. When the show ended its 20-year run, Leno had retained about 90% of the people that started with him. 

Establish a daily practice

A healthy mind starts with a healthy body, so make sure that you take care of yourself. A weary body can cause a weary mind, and vice versa. Sleep, nutrition, and hydration are the basic pillars of health, and once you’ve addressed those, it’s important to take care of the other aspects of wellbeing like mental, spiritual, and social wellness. Andrea Callanan swears by gratitude, meditation, and movement, but her key takeaway is to make these part of your daily practice. 

Look at the big picture

If you feel yourself getting close to burnout, take a moment to see whether your work and goals are aligned. When you reassess your goals, you should see how the work you put in each day is getting you closer to reaching your overall goals personally, professionally, and financially. When you’re stuck in the grind, it’s easy to see how difficult things are, but when you take a step back to take a look at the big picture, you can decrease the overwhelming feeling by reminding yourself of why you’re doing what you do. Your motivation will increase when your work and goals align because you’ll see how you’re making an impact and growing.