Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand, and unfortunately, it can be overshadowed by business processes. This is why businesses must take the time to cultivate and maintain this component of their operations. It can help them improve their processes and create a more positive environment.



One of the most powerful creative tools you can use is storytelling, a way to connect with people and capture their attention. According to Edmond Huszar, a DJ, producer, and designer, it’s essential to communicate your message and ensure it’s authentic.


Be Curious

Stress can’t be the driving force in your decisions, both in and out of business. According to Huszar, it’s important to remember that stress will always choose the short-term gains and the fastest wins over the long-term goals.


Be Deliberate

Huszar uses a metaphor to explain this concept. Surfing is similar to running a business. A surfer doesn’t ride all the waves that come along. Instead, they choose to ride the ones that are most likely to provide them with the best possible experience. If you’re caught in the surf, instead of being able to ride the coming wave, you’re likely to get swept away and end up in the undertow.


Build a Creative Environment

When creating a more positive environment, one of the most critical factors you should consider is the type of space you’re working in. Whether a fully-equipped office or a small kitchen table, you should surround yourself with items that can help you feel more creative.


If your space is not ideal, add more plants and pictures to improve it. Color can also help boost your mood. For instance, vibrant and bold colors can help you feel more energetic, while calming greens and blues can evoke a feeling of serenity.


See Challenges as Opportunities

Every challenge presents an opportunity to learn. Through creative thinking, you can find solutions to your problems. When you encounter an obstacle, think of ways to overcome it, utilize it to your advantage, or transform it. By being creative, you can find a way to solve the problem.


One of the principles that Huszar has followed throughout his career is this: Never allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the challenges that you’ve faced. He said that this has helped him to become more focused on the positive aspects of his life. 


Live in the Moment

When being creative, always take a conscious approach. According to Huszar, this can help you avoid getting overwhelmed by endless thoughts. Instead, try to focus on each experience and allow yourself to breathe deeply.