Entrepreneurs are always looking for fresh business ideas and sound advise. Here are some of the best podcasts that provide exactly what is needed for the entrepreneurial spirit.

This Week in Startups

New and experienced entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two from Jason Calacanis. He and a revolving source of guest hosts treat listeners to a unique niche of news. They discuss what’s new in business, from standard startups to the most unusual ventures. Among favored topics of conversation: angel investors, startups, and effective marketing.

The School of Greatness

One of the longest running and most successful podcasts, The School of Greatness with former football star Lewis Howes is still a favorite among entrepreneurs. His witty personality and surprising range of celebrity guest hosts keep fans tuned in for more. Howes aims to keep struggling leaders motivated and encouraged.

The James Altucher Show

Always the advocate for the underdog, James Altucher presents their inspiring stories to a steadily growing audience. He shows what is possible with a little tenacity and the courage to continue moving forward despite insurmountable odds. Altucher uses a seemingly hodge podge mix of famous and anonymous characters to show his audience there is way more than one key to finding success.

Smart Passive Income

Hosted by millionaire and successful businessman Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income helps entrepreneurs increase their streams of income. He provides detailed instructions on ways for bold business leaders to strategically use social media platforms and online resources to generate income without much effort after initial start up.

How to Start a Startup

Based on Y Combinator seed accelerator staff and Yale University faculty, the How to Start a Startup podcast features a plethora of useful information. Listeners can tune in live or search through previous podcasts and gain access to an unprecedented number of topics and lectures. Ideas range from critical evaluation of a startup idea to successfully reaching customers.


Host Andrew Warner helps up and coming business professionals learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Through a vast library of live and prerecorded interviews with the most successful business leaders in the world, Warner provides insight and ideas. His tough questions are well planned and intended to get real answers to some of the most common challenges for new business owners. He digs deep to find solutions and best practices that work across almost any industry.